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Kinesiology Moves to Wiess School of Natural Sciences

A major change will take place on July 1, 2013. The Health Sciences and Sports Medicine programs in the Department of Kinesiology will move to the Wiess School of Natural Sciences. Sport Management will become its own department and move to the School of Social Sciences.

“The realignment will preserve all of these great programs and majors and place them in schools and settings where they can better integrate with disciplines with overlapping interests,” Carson said. “Having the Department of Kinesiology as part of the School of Natural Sciences will enhance our offerings for students interested in human anatomy and physiology, which are currently not part of the school’s curriculum.”

NaSciCarson noted that the programs in Sports Medicine and Health Sciences are well-suited for the School of Natural Sciences because of the school’s growing interests and contributions in human health and increasing involvement as a member of the Texas Medical Center.

Although Kinesiology and Sport Management will have different homes on campus, none of the degree programs will be altered or removed, according to Kenton Whitmire, associate dean for academic affairs for the School of Natural Sciences. Nick Iammarino, professor and current chair of the Department of Kinesiology, will continue to head the department.

“We in Kinesiology are very excited about our new home in Natural Sciences as we believe that this will better align our field and research interests with those of our other colleagues in Natural Sciences,” Iammarino said. “While the focus of our disciplines is slightly different as they pertain to Sport Medicine and Health Sciences, we take a macro approach to the human body. We believe that this will complement the other disciplines in Natural Sciences.”

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