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Semester at Sea

SouthAfricaKinesiology Department Chair, Professor Nicholas Iammarino, was not around the Rice University campus for Fall 2013 semester.  Why not do you ask?  Well, this is because he served as the Executive Dean on the most recent Semester at Sea Voyage. 

This week, the professors and students wrapped up their semester and docked back in the United States after spending several months at sea.  They were able to explore several countries on different continents around the world.  

One of the countries visited was South Africa.  While there, Professor Iammarino and the rest of the travelers were treated to a talk by Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Rice University senior, Leah Fried, was one of the current students on the voyage, and former Kinesiology lecturer, Rimo Berg, served as a member of the faculty. 

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu SouthAfrica2