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Cindy Hwang, Sports Medicine

CindyHCindy Hwang (Sid Richardson ’17) is majoring in Kinesiology with a concentration in Sports Medicine. She was recently selected as a Rice-UT Public Health Scholar in the inaugural cohort of the program. As part of the program, she will be able to take graduate-level classes during her senior year at Rice to begin her MPH (Masters of Public Health) degree.

Originally a pre-medical student, Cindy’s passion in medicine shifted after spending two weeks serving mobile clinics in Guatemala. Her desire to advocate for the importance of preventative medicine motivated her to change her career path to pursue a Masters of Public Health in Nutrition.

Cindy is currently an undergraduate researcher at the Children’s Nutrition Research Center at Baylor College of Medicine. Her research explores nutrition as one of the key environmental influences on epigenetics, which is one of the mechanisms that most likely underlies the developmental origins of cancer. Her dedication to her lab work resulted in a research article publication in Genome Biology that focused on how the microbiome guides the postnatal epigenetic regulation of intestinal stem cells by means of DNA methylation.

Outside of academics, Cindy holds leadership positions on the Executive Council of Sid Richardson College as Treasurer, on the Executive Board of the Rice Rally Club as a Football Chair, in Chi Alpha Christian Ministry as a small group leader, and in the Peer Academic Advising (PAA) Program as a Head PAA at Sid. She has also spent previous summers volunteering at Texas Children’s Hospital in the Progressive Care Unit. She also loves the outdoors, coffee, and Jesus.

Cindy’s post-graduation plans is to complete her MPH degree at the UT School of Public Health and pursue a career as a Registered Dietician. She hopes to implement preventative nutritional approaches to decrease the occurrences of easily prevented diseases or conditions in unreached and underserved communities that lack resources, stateside and abroad.