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Texas Chapter of ACSM’s Annual Meeting

Several Rice University undergraduate Kinesiology-Sports Medicine students presented posters and their published abstracts at the Texas Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine’s annual meeting on February 16-17, 2017 in Waco, Texas.  Two of these students were honored during the meeting—Newsha Nikzad won the Major of the Year award, which recognizes an outstanding undergraduate student in exercise science from each degree-granting institution in Texas, and a poster by Akash Gupta on calf muscle strain injuries was named the Best Clinical Teaching Abstract.TASCM Annual Meeting 2017

Kinesiology faculty member Zacharias Papadakis served as the mentor for the students’ research efforts leading to their abstracts and also attended the conference with the students.  Several students from Kinesiology Department classes attended the conference to cheer on the members of the Student Bowl competition.  The Rice University team consisted of David Kassir, Newsha Nikzad, Yosef Presburger, Sean Chu, and Andrea Amaro, who are all members of the Rice Exercise Science Student Association (RESSA).

The titles of the presented posters were as follows:

  • Sean Chu-“Meniscus Tear” 
  • Akash Gupta-“Calf Muscle Strain: Injury of the Gastronemius and Soleus” 
  • David Kassir-“Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC)” 
  • Newsha Nikzad-“What experiences are needed to become a Division 1 Baseball, Football, or Track Athlete? A Retrospective Study of the Quantity of Deliberate Play 
  • Yosef Presburger-“Thoracic Outlet Syndrome”

These abstracts are published in the “International Journal of Exercise Science.”  More pictures can be found on our Facebook page by clicking here.