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Armin Weinberg, Ph.D.

WeinbergDr. Weinberg is CEO of Life Beyond Cancer Foundation, Clinical Professor of Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, and Adjunct Professor at Rice University and was the co-founding Chair of the Intercultural Cancer Council.  Dr. Weinberg began his career at Baylor in 1975 as Director of the Education Division of the DeBakey Heart Center.  Recognizing that the community models he had developed could be applied to other chronic diseases, Dr. Weinberg established the Chronic Disease Research Center (CDRC) in 1987. By broadening his work to include other chronic diseases including cancer Dr. Weinberg’s efforts focused on translating our discovers in prevention, screening, and control activities to state and national initiatives.  He was also a founding member of the International Consortium for Research on the Health Effects of Radiation, founded in response to the Chernobyl nuclear accident.  Relatedly, Dr. Weinberg has spearheaded many international partnerships in the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Columbia and Israel.  He was the Principal Investigator of the Eliminating Disparities in Clinical Trials Project (EDICT), a research study designed to address the problems and find workable solutions to recruiting and retaining populations that are underrepresented in clinical trials such as low income, elderly, racial-ethnic minorities or those who live in rural areas.

Dr. Weinberg currently serves on the; Board of the Intercultural Cancer Council, The Comprehensive Cancer Control National Partnership, Executive Committee of the National Hispanic Life Sciences Society, Texas Life Science Foundation Board, Cancer Support Community M.A.P. Project Advisory Council, the Physician Oncology Program and CME Accreditation Subcommittee at the Texas Medical Association, Redes En Acción National Center Steering Committee (NCSC), The Schull Institute Board, Board of Advisors for Strategic Medical Associates, Co-Chair of C-Change’s Health Disparities Advisory Committee,  and as immediate past chair of the Cancer Alliance of Texas (CAT).  He is a past member of the board of C-Change: Collaborating to Conquer Cancer, The National Association of Social Worker Foundation, The Texas Hadassah Medical Research Foundation and Volunteer Houston, Texas Hadassah Medical Research Foundation.

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