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Bachelor of Arts - Kinesiology

A minimum of 120 semester hours is required for the Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in one of the programs in Kinesiology. In addition to the University course requirements, students majoring in Kinesiology must complete 42-43 hours of course work in one of two programs (sports medicine and health sciences). The list of requirements can be obtained by clicking on each track or in the Degree Requirements PDF documents below.  Students desiring to major in Kinesiology should select one or more of the programs and then consult the appropriate faculty advisor for personalized degree planning tailored to his/her desired career path.

1. Sports Medicine Dr. Augusto X. Rodriguez
2. Health Sciences Dr. Heidi Perkins

It is recommended that first year students schedule KINE 120 or HEAL 119, depending on which program they choose.

When declaring the Kinesiology major, please select your concentration in either Health Sciences or Sports Medicine on your declaration form. This form is to be printed from your Esther account to bring in meeting with an advisor.

See the General Announcements and contact the Office of Academic Advising for more details.

Degree Requirements

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Current Course Offerings

2017-2018 Course Catalog

Distribution Courses

  • KINE 301: Human Physiology (Distribution III)
  • EMSP 281: EMT-B: Intro To Emergency Care (Distribution III)
  • EMSP 282: Advanced EMT (Distribution III)

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