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The Department of Kinesiology is committed to supporting our majors wishing to study abroad during their undergraduate program. Studying in another country will not only provide a different academic perspective to your field of study, it will also provide first hand knowledge of world beyond our borders. It opens your eyes and minds to new places, peoples, sights, sounds and experiences. As faculty members in Kinesiology we believe it critical to prepare our students to work in an interdependent world and to encourage global citizenry.

While a Kinesiology major may choose to study abroad in any number of countries depending upon their interests and language skills, we have identified several “preferred providers” whose curricula closely align with our courses and are “Rice Approved” programs. One of more of our faculty have personally visited and vetted these programs to ensure their quality, safety, and meet high professional standards in our field. These Study Abroad Providers offer programs during the academic year as well as summer programs for those whose schedules do not permit going abroad during a fall or spring semester. In some cases, these providers may also offer shorter programs of one to three weeks. Students interested in studying abroad are encouraged to consult with both your departmental advisor and also the Study Abroad Office.

Preferred Study Abroad Providers for Health Science and Sports Medicine students:

Alliance for Global Education

Alliance for Global Education“The Alliance for Global Education, LLC, a division of the Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University, was formed with the vision of opening study abroad destinations in Asia to an ever-growing and more diverse U.S. undergraduate population. 

The Alliance provides stimulating, interdisciplinary study abroad programs in China and India that maintain high academic standards, strong student services, and careful health and safety measures. Our core mission is to develop and promote innovative programs in vibrant, dynamic Asian countries that are of ever-increasing scholarly, political, and economic interest."



Contemporary India – Pune, India
Global and Public Health – Manipal, India

Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS)

DISDIS is a Danish non-profit study abroad institution in Copenhagen with semester, academic year, and summer programs taught in English. Established in 1959, DIS offers American students engaging and challenging coursework enriched by field studies, hands-on learning opportunities, and study tours in Denmark and across Europe. Cultural engagement opportunities integrate students into Danish culture and students gain academic knowledge and intercultural skills to prepare themselves for a globalized world.”


Medicine Practice and Policy
Public Health

Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University

Institute“The Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University (IFSA-Butler) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1988. Our primary goal is to provide quality study abroad opportunities, plus academic and personal support services, for qualified North American undergraduates seeking to earn academic credit through study abroad.”


Medical Spanish and Public Health in the Yucatan  (Academic Year and 6 week summer program)