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Program: Sports Medicine '18

My love for the game of football is what drove a large part of the experiences in my life, including the one to major in Kinesiology at Rice. After realizing I did not want to constantly look at numbers and pursue Economics as a major, I did some discovery to come to the realization that a Kinesiology degree would help me understand more about the human body and in turn allow me to perform better as an athlete.

Following an injury during my second year at Rice, the initial selfish reason to study soon turned into a love for learning about how an injury to the body could be solved by understanding how the body is supposed to properly function. That curiosity drove me to start thinking about physical therapy as a potential career path. During the summer of my junior year, I interned at a physical therapy facility that gave me great experience, and I knew it was something that I enjoyed and wanted in my life.  However, physical therapy was not something I wanted out of a career.

After graduating in 2018, I left Rice to attend graduate school at the University of South Carolina. My graduate degree is in Sports and Entertainment Management, which stemmed from my passion for athletics and physical therapy.  I developed the long term goal of opening my own training and physical therapy facility, which the knowledge of both degrees will help achieve.

After graduating from USC in May 2020, I accepted a job as a sales rep for HashiCorp (software company).  This is a stepping stone to achieving my long term goal, as I gain the skills of learning how to sell and to understand what is important to a potential client or customer. I am extremely thankful for my Kinesiology degree, because outside of the actual knowledge I learned, the study of the body developed a structured thought process for my mind. 

In my free time, I enjoy working out and leading others through my workouts. I always find it intriguing to learn what movements activate what muscles and where something can be manipulated to achieve a desired result


S203 Tudor Fieldhouse

(713)348-8318 (Office)
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6100 Main St, MS-545 Houston, TX 77005

Our offices are located on the 2nd floor of Tudor Fieldhouse on the east side of the building. The easiest way to access our suite is to enter through the east side door that faces the intramural fields and Wiess College. You will then go up the stairway to the 2nd floor, and our suite will be through the open door ahead on the right.