Undergraduate Program Overview

Degrees Offered:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Health Sciences

  • Bachelor of Arts in Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology

A minimum of 120 semester hours is required for the Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in one of the degree programs within the Department of Kinesiology. In addition to the University course requirements, majors must complete 42-43 hours of course work in one of two programs (Sports Medicine & Exercise Physiology and Health Sciences). The list of requirements can be obtained by clicking on each track or in the Degree Requirements PDF documents below. Students should consult the appropriate faculty advisor for personalized degree planning tailored to his/her desired career path.


  1. Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology - Dr. Augusto X. Rodriguez, Dr. Amanda Perkins-Ball, and Dr. Laura Kabiri
  2. Health Sciences - Dr. Heidi Perkins and Cassandra Diep

It is recommended that first year students schedule KINE 120 or HEAL 119, depending on which degree they choose. See the General Announcements and contact the Office of Academic Advising for more details. Our school also has an O-Week page about our department.

Degree Requirements

2024 Course Schedules

Distribution Courses

  • KINE 301: Human Physiology (Distribution III)

Programs under Kinesiology

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S203 Tudor Fieldhouse

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6100 Main St, MS-545 Houston, TX 77005

Our offices are located on the 2nd floor of Tudor Fieldhouse on the east side of the building. The easiest way to access our suite is to enter through the east side door that faces the intramural fields and Wiess College. You will then go up the stairway to the 2nd floor, and our suite will be through the open door ahead on the right.