Dr. Sachin Allahabadi & Dr. Kate Travis

Program: Sports Medicine (Sachin '13, Kate '15)

Sid Richardson College

Kate and Sachin met at Rice University in 2011. Both members of Sid Richardson College, the two were lucky to meet each other and bond quickly over shared hobbies and interests. Being lab partners in several of their Kinesiology courses brought them closer together, and they both served as Teaching Assistants for Human Physiology and lead an Alternative Spring Break trip together.

Both Kate and Sachin graduated from Rice with honors, and each received the Mumford Award in the Health Professions for their academic achievements, leadership, and service. They then attended Baylor College of Medicine for medical school. Sachin graduated from Baylor in 2017 with highest honors and is now a resident in the UCSF Department of Orthopaedic Surgery in San Francisco. He is planning to pursue Sports Medicine for his fellowship. In addition to using his Kinesiology background as an orthopaedic surgeon, Sachin applies what he learned from his undergraduate major as a group fitness coach outside of residency. Kate is in her final year of medical school at Baylor and is currently applying to residency in Psychiatry. She will be receiving her MD this May and is looking forward to helping making a difference in people’s lives by advocating for and treating people affected by mental illness.

Just days after Kate graduates from medical school, the engaged couple will be getting married in Austin, Texas. Sachin’s brother, Sameer Allahabadi, who also graduated from Rice University (Kinesiology/Sports Medicine Alumnus 2018), will be the best man at the wedding and will begin medical school this summer. Kate and Sachin are looking forward to their big day and the many adventures on their horizon!

Dr. Sachin Allahabadi Dr. Kate Travis
Dr. Sachin Allahabadi and soon-to-be Dr. Kate Travis

Dr. Sachin Allahabadi and soon-to-be Dr. Kate Travis
Dr. Sachin Allahabadi and soon-to-be Dr. Kate Travis


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