KINE 415 Projects: Fall 2021

1.  Navigating Injury and Athletic Identity through Gratitude Practices (E. Ahmar)

     2.  Addressing Factors Contributing to Sports Injury among Parents of College Athletes (C. Albuquerque)​​​​​​

    3.  Imagery: A Psychological Intervention to Improve RTS Outcomes and Overall Performance (A. Antony) 

    4.  Goal Setting in Sports Injury Recovery (D. Baker & J. Pearcy)

    5.  Re-adjusting to Life: A Multimodal Intervention for Retired Athletes (L. Brantley & N. Teague)

    Click link HERE for this video

    6.  Stress Management and Mental Health (B. Brogdon & D. Wood)

    Click link HERE for this video

    7.  Adherence to Rehabilitation through Goal Setting (J. Chavez)


    8.  Important Psychoeducational Techniques for College Athletes (C. Cienfuegos)

    9.  Educating Youth Athletes on Psychological Aspects of Sport Injury for Self-Advocacy and Improved Social Support in Injury Rehabilitation (J. Kim)


    10.  Psychological Intervention for Athletes and Coaches (C. Leiva)


    11.  Injured Collegiate Athletes Confidential (ICAC) – Cognitive Restructuring in a Group Setting for Athletes Returning to Sport (S. Pellegrini)



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